The Glasgow Cutter

Reference: T676

The Glasgow Cutter has a heavy-duty case, which is made to be durable with frequent use. The Glasgow features a safety push lever to ensure the blade doesn’t slip during operation and a finger grip handle.

Product features:

• Extra blade included
• Blade storage in handle
• Metal case
• Retractable blade
• 3 position blade lock

Product details:

• Dimensions:143mm L x 31mm W x 18mm D
• Material: Aluminium
• Packaging: Kraft sleeve

Keywords: boxcutter, knife

Product Details:
  • Product Dimensions : 143mm L x 31mm W x 18mm D
  • Material : Aluminium
  • Packaging: Kraft sleeve
  • Qty per box: 240
  • Size (mm): 530 mm H x 460 mm W x 250 mm D
  • Packaging weight (kg): 18 kg
Colours Available: Silver